Essential Question: Which aspects of colonists personal lives had the greatest     influence on the decision to become a Patriot or a Loyalist?

 Subsidiary Questions:

 1.What were the differing beliefs of the Patriots and the Loyalists?

 2.Did economic factors such as jobs and landownership influence a person's decision to become a Patriot or a loyalist?

 3.How did religion influence a person's decision?

 4.Why did African Americans choose to be Loyalists or Patriots?

 5.Were there social issues that affected colonists' decisions as well (for example; treatment at the hands of other colonists or from family members)?

 6.Do you consider this an easy decision or a difficult decision to make?

 Answer to Subsidiary Questions:

         The patriots believed that individual liberty was threatened by the greater government. Laws that the greater government passed were oppressive and showed decline in colonial rights. They felt that they should have a chance to live their life with freedom and their own government. Meanwhile, on the loyalist side, they thought that the greater government was a common heritage and culture of England. Also, they thought a separate government would cause degenerate into anarchy. They had a trust in the King and Queen and it was a strong duty to obey them.

       Economic factors did influence the decision to become a patriot of loyalist. For example, if a person were to not have a job due to taxation, they might become a patriot and fight against the greater government's taxation so they could have a job. If a person didn't own any land in England, they might become a patriot to fight for the land in the USA and try to get some there.

       In England, you could only believe in one religion. If someone wanted their right to believe in a different religion they might join the patriots to fight for it.

       African Americans chose to be a patriot or loyalist because they would be given freedom if they fought in the war. Most of them were slaves so, they wanted their freedom.

       Social issues did affect the decision. Some people thought a new government where all were created equal would cause outbreaks such as the Boston Tea Party. Wealthy people also did not want a new government and wanted the poor separated from the wealthy.

       This is a difficult decision to make. Both sides have great point to their case. But, if I had to choose, the patriots had the better belief to have independence and their own equal government. Answering the subsidiary questions has answered my essential question.

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